About Us

Colin & Nathan Lee

The Designers

We are a father & son team who started creating board games for a bit of fun.

It all started back in 2019. Mum, who is the manager of a care home, was going to be working throughout the Christmas holidays which meant that we had 2 weeks on our own. British weather being what it is, miserable most of the time, meant that we needed something to do together to pass the time. Nathan loves playing his Xbox with his friends and I’ve always had a passion for board games, so, I thought why don’t we try to recreate one of his video games.

Nathan loved the idea, so we settled on trying to recreate Mario Kart and thus the journey began.

Over the course of the holidays we were able to hash together a very rough game. It worked, it was fun but it was no oil painting.

The holidays passed, work and school beckoned, but we had enjoyed designing the game so much we decided to keep at it, trying to improve it. Both of us were full of ideas and with my knowledge of game mechanics each iteration became better than the last.

One day in February a couple of great friends came over and we get the game out. It was the first time we had played it with anyone else. At the end of the game Dave and Reece congratulated us and told us we should take it further. I remember laughing at this idea, but then over the next few days I thought “why not see how far we can go with it”.

After researching a little I discovered there was a massive community of board game enthusiasts and developers out there, including groups who got together to test out their designs and ideas. We joined a local one in London, got some wonderful feedback and came away inspired.

Since then our designing has gone from strength to strength. We redesigned the whole game to include a unique octagon spaced modular board, that enabled us to add steering to the game. We got very wacky with the power ups and teamed up with a wonderful artist called David Hallangen, who turned our ideas into the finished article.

After hours and hours of designing and testing we have finally reached the end of the journey. Wonky Wheels is a great game that is complex enough to appeal to the enthusiast but simple enough for anyone to learn. It is an engaging, competitive game that causes rivalry which doesn’t last forever and so we are now preparing to launch our game through Kickstarter.

Whether our game is successful or not, we both agree that it has been one of the best experiences we have shared so far. So much so, that we have a second game about 50% completed, called Washed Up, a pirate themed game where you have to collect resources, battle other pirates, build a ship and escape from the island.